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Our ad server built for video delivers your entire buy at scale, on any screen.
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Confidently buy Adtricity-rated video ad inventory across multiple partners.
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Engage directly with customers with a variety of custom interactive units.
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Adtricity is a comprehensive measure of quality based on viewability and verification.
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Onboard your offline data to create addressable online audiences.
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Integrated Solutions

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We’re Beyond Ad-Serving…
We’re Ad-Servicing
Vindico® makes online video ad campaigns easy to run and easy to manage with our full-service team and industry-leading tools.
Media Manager
How does Media Manager support advertisers and agencies?

As the first MRC accredited video ad server – and the only one built for video – Vindico’s Media Manager™ provides an integrated, end to end solution suite for all your digital video ad serving needs.

From deep on-page reporting to advanced conversion analysis, our experienced team helps you take full advantage of our industry leading technology and all that digital video has to offer.

Take full control of your entire digital video ad campaign with Vindico’s Media Manager.

Note: For details on Vindico’s accredited products please click here.

Don’t Bid Blind, Get the Full Picture
The Vindico Bid Manager™ takes the concept of a DSP to the next level by offering agencies the ability to buy quality video ad inventory through a programmatic platform.
Bid Manager
How does Vindico Bid Manager support advertisers and agencies?

The video ad serving partner you rely on to measure the quality treatment of your entire direct buy, now empowers you to bid on Adtricity rated inventory in a single programmatic platform.

Take advantage of price and quality transparency from a solution that was built for video.

Discover the true value of Vindico Bid Manager through our easy to use interface and comprehensive analytics, as we couple your access to quality inventory with real time bidding integrations on multiple exchanges.

Start a Conversation
Vindico’s full service design team helps you engage directly with your consumer.
How does Vindico Creative™ support advertisers and agencies?

We help you take advantage of the digital space, transforming repurposed television creative from a one way dialogue for consumers to an engaging, creative and unique viewer experience. Agencies benefit from an experienced in-house design team, skilled at providing creative solutions within tight deadlines.

The creative experience evolves the message AND the analytical reporting, giving advertisers deeper insights on how your consumer engaged with your brand.

How are Vindico® interactive ad units different? Your designs are created with proprietary technology that allows Vindico to deliver your interactive ad seamlessly and at scale.

A comprehensive measure of quality
Adtricity™ – ad quality ratings for advertisers and publishers, unifying two concepts: Viewability and Verification. Together they make up the assessment of quality.
How does Adtricity support advertisers and agencies?

Vindico® developed Adtricity to solve for the questions you have been asking. Where did my ad run? How was my ad executed? Did someone have the opportunity to see my ad? In the digital advertising realm, Vindico developed a viewability and verification standard to address these issues.

For the first time, Adtricity brings together these two concepts to assess the quality of video inventory at scale, offering advertisers valuable transparency across your buys.

Adtricity’s standardized and transparent system of measurement helps foster the industry’s growth as it is well-suited for brand advertisers who seek TV-like quality execution across the web.

Note: This product is not accredited by the MRC. For details on the accredited products please click here.

Right Customer, Right Message
MatchPoint™ strengthens relationships between brands and customers with a unique suite of CRM tools and services. Unparalleled capabilities allow you to identify your actual customers across the open web.
How does MatchPoint support advertisers and agencies?

MatchPoint easily and safely enables advertisers to onboard their offline data to create addressable online audiences. With an easy-to-use interface and cutting-edge technology, MatchPoint allows brands to match their 1st-party data to Vindico® proprietary data in real-time.

Brands can now utilize their MatchPoint matched data immediately to create a new ad campaign targeted directly to their actual identified customers – all within a single interface.

Additionally, by providing sophisticated demographic and psychographic information about an advertisers’ existing customer list, MatchPoint produces an in-depth analysis of the brands’ consumers.

All Advertiser & Publisher Solutions

For Advertisers

Our MRC Accredited video ad server delivers your entire buy at scale, on any screen.

Confidently buy Adtricity-rated video ad inventory across multiple partners.

Engage directly with customers with a variety of custom interactive units.

Adtricity is a comprehensive measure of quality based on viewability and verification.

Custom reports at your fingertips with a full service team to answer questions.

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For Publishers

Let SUGR help you identify your quality inventory, as well as take the heavy lifting of integration, reporting and creative off your hands.

Monetize your quality inventory and get the best price in VINDICO Open Exchange or your own private exchange.

Sell unique and engaging interactive ad units that makes you stand apart from the rest.

Prove the value of your inventory and increase your quality with Adtricity ratings.

Get all your reporting from one place with 24/7 access

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